St. Marys River Water Quality Data for Florida & Georgia

The Regional Community Institute of Northeast Florida, Inc. (RCI) is a non-profit organization created by the Northeast Florida Regional Council (NEFRC) to consider policy issues. In October 2011, RCI and NEFRC collaborated with the people of Northeast Florida on First Coast Vision, a vision for growth and development in Northeast Florida for the next 50 years. Part of the vision supports water conservation, green infrastructure, and the importance of water bodies meeting water quality standards. To further these goals, in August 2015, NEFRC assigned water as the 2017 policy issue to RCI, after collaboration with the RCI Board of Directors, and agreed that the efforts should include both Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. RCI assigned the topic to its Natural Resources Committee, led by Professor Quinton White of the Marine Science Research Institute of Jacksonville University.

The Water Committee recommended that a mechanism for sharing water quality data should be identified so that datasets could be monitored, coordinated, and communicated across jurisdictions and between researchers. The Smart North Florida Data Exchange was ultimately selected as the most appropriate place to host the datasets. Between 2020 and 2021, the NEFRC collected water quality data for the St. Marys River from a variety of sources and then produced datasets for each state.

The purpose of these datasets is to provide scientists, local university researchers, and environmental organizations with the most up-to-date water quality parameters for the St. Marys River. Included are two separate Excel Spreadsheets produced from regulatory sources in Florida and Georgia respectively. Each dataset provides an inventory of time-series data recorded at individual monitoring stations. Parameters include ammonia-nitrogen; phosphorous; nitrate-nitrite; enterococcus; salinity; pH; water temperature; and dissolved oxygen.

Georgia Data Source:

Florida Data Source:

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